Epson - EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer

< /br>Meet your printing, scanning, faxing and copying needs with this Epson EcoTank all-in-one supertank printer. The 250-sheet front tray paper capacity is suitable for high-volume jobs, while Wi-Fi and Ethernet functionality offers versatile connectivity options. This cartridge-free Epson EcoTank all-in-one supertank printer features an EcoFit ink bottle design for seamless refilling, and the 2.7-inch touch screen supports simple operation.
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Model: ECOTANK ET 15000 SKU: 6397577 UPC: 010343950900
Reviews: 4.8 of 5 (12 reviews)
Reg. Price: $599.99
Best Buy Price: $499.99
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Posted by: from BestBuy on
5.0Mighty machine, more than a printer
Received my new Epson ET 15000 a few days ago and had to resist my impulse to get it out of the box while the package sat in “quarantine” for 72 hours in my garage to minimize potential covid-19 contamination. Past safety measures, the machine (it’s way more than a printer!) was very easy and quick to set up, just a few minutes. We liked the fact the ink bottles are uniquely keyed to make sure each bottle empties in the correct color tank which prevents spills and stains; all clean and precise. Also kudos for the see-through ink tanks that let us view toner levels. Wi-Fi took a second attempt to link to the router but it has been working ever since. We have been scanning, emailing and printing docs that come through with high quality and resolution. We for sure will use the printer more since the stay-home guidance has been extended. This is a great product that operates smoothly and quietly. This is a review for the Epson Eco Tank 15000 Wireless printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/01/2020 20:37:32
Exceptional Printer!!!
I received this printer the other day, once I opened it and completed the setup process. I did the test print, and I fell in love with it. I unplugged the printer that I was using and started using the Eco Tank ET-15000 as my main printer in my home office. The printer is so awesome, it has such dynamic color and it doesn't use as much ink as other printers. Installing the ink is so easy and you don't have to do it so often. I can tell that this in will last a long time. No more ink cartridges, that's the best part. I love to have the ability to use mobile printing. It also have voice-controlled printing. This has become my new favorite printer. “This is a review for the Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.”

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/01/2020 19:55:12
I Don’t Know How I Lived Without This Printer
Off the bat, setup was maybe a total of 35 minutes from the time I started unboxing it. After that great start, I also found The Epson ET-15000 printer easy to use. The quality of the printing has been perfect for my business and personal use. I work from home (graphic design) so this comes in especially handy for me because sub-par quality is not an option for my customers and they were not disappointed. I’ll cover that more a little later on the review. Another amazing feature, and in some ways the best one of all is the ET-15000 comes with more than enough ink so re-ordering toner as frequently as I normally do is one less thing I will have to worry about. Loading the ink tanks was easy and without any hassle. You can load paper into the ET-15000 via the front tray, rear paper feed or automatic feeder. The wireless capability made it so I could use it from any device in the house which is super convenient for schoolwork, my business, or just for fun. There are even voice-activated commands that both me and my daughter got a kick out of, not to mention it makes it extra convenient when I need an extra set of hands that aren’t available. The ET-15000 features a small colored screen that makes faxing, scanning, and settings adjustments a breeze. The print quality is top of the line. Accurate colors, no smudges, and clear as can be. You’d think that a machine with all of these capabilities would take up a ton of space, but it doesn’t. It fits right next to my desktop in my home office and takes up even less space than my other inkjet printer that held far less ink and wasn’t as productive as this machine. I highly recommend this for home use, especially if you work from home. This is a review for the Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/01/2020 15:20:56
Great printer for basic printing.
So in writing an unbiased opinion of the Epson ET-15000 Review/Beta Test that was submitted by Prelaunch Labs Team, we are not impressed. So first of all, I had gotten the printer on a Monday and the review was due on a Wednesday, so that doesn’t give much of a great opinion of the printer that was given to me. I would say that it’s very nice in color and the presentation of the item on box and it was very easy to put together. The ink cartridges came in their individual sealed containers as well as filling the ink inside the printer was fairly easy. I notice that after filling the ink cartridges to the capacity at which they held, there were still in. Can the containers that were still were in the bottles and when I turn the pri capabilities nter on and had it loaded, then I notice that an eighth of the ink was actually put inside. Of the printer and it actually worked in the bottles worth completely emptied, so the value of the $56 ish ink is actually worth it because you get a lot of ink as well as you get a lot of paper usage compared to other printers. I do love the fact that it has the wireless capabilities as well as the normal print alignments and normal maintenance settings. With the print anywhere, were able to use our cell phones or any of our devices to be able to print the various images and such we’re needing to to make our household one. Now I would have to say after printing a few of the images, photos and documents in which I was expecting to get some great value from on this printer. I was not surprised by the picture quality. When printing a high detailed graphic. The picture came out very muted. All of your Blacks and Browns were kind of merged into one another and you really didn’t see any high definition detail in any of the pictures. As far as printing to the edge of the paper, we did do some arts and crafts printouts which came out very detailed and very good in the detail of which it was needed to be cut. So that was a plus. Overall, I would say for the cost of this printer and the quality of the print jobs that came out from the printer, I would not give its value to be what is actually being charged or valued at. We should give this printer a little while longer in the printing, seeing that is supposed to have an excessive amount of ink life, we shall see how much usage we actually get out of this whole thing. One of the other issues that we found with the printing was it took a very long time for us to print wirelessly from our devices. Normally you click the print button and then it automatically starts, but for the time it took to actually print the images at which we were needing to have printed; we were able to cook dinner and then some. This is a review for the Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 03/31/2020 14:36:42
All In One Perfection!
The wireless Epson-EcoTank ET-15000 printer is the BOMB! Because of the precise instructions setup was a breeze, including filling the ink tanks, and charging them. The ink tanks are large, easy to fill, and you get enough ink to print thousands of copies. My old printer used ink cartridges which were a pain to get filled, and expensive. This printer is so much more economical in that aspect. Printing is super quick, the quality is superb, and it prints quietly. The scanner scans crisp and clear copies. And it has the wow feature of voice activated printing. The printer has a color touch screen that makes changing settings, printing, scanning, copying etc a breeze. Another outstanding feature is that the printer has its own email. This allows you to send emails with supported file formats from anywhere in the world to the printers email and it will print. It also has the capabilities of faxing, which I have not experienced yet but will soon. You can print from any of your devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) which is extremely convenient. I am really enjoying using this printer and would highly recommend it, it is such a positive asset to our home. "This is a review for the Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review". 

Posted by: from BestBuy on 03/31/2020 07:51:59
Highly recommended
Setup was easy but slightly different from other printers I've owned.  As the name implies, this printer contains refillable ink tanks rather than replaceable ink cartridges.  Instead of just loading ink cartridges, this one requires you to first fill the ink tanks and charge the ink, which takes several minutes.  But, the ink tank system is well designed to be foolproof and the instructions are clear.  Filling the ink tanks and charging the system does take a few extra minutes of setup, but it's not at all difficult or cumbersome.  The rest of the setup was standard fare and very easy to complete.   The printer itself is outstanding.  It seems to be very well built and has a ton of useful features.  Print quality is excellent.  Photos come out looking perfect.  Printing speed seems to be about average for photos, but pages of text are surprisingly quick.  I had no trouble connecting it to my network and printing from my laptop and phone.  Overall, I'm impressed and would highly recommend this printer. This is a review for the Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 03/30/2020 08:31:43
Goodbye HP Cartridge Printer
As a family of five we use our home printer weekly for both personal and business use and have been "just okay" with our wireless HP printer. We were constantly (at least quarterly) ordering printer cartridges and had no idea that the print quality was that inferior until we hooked up our EcoTank ET-15000 by Epson. It's literally in a class by itself. It took us less than 10 minutes to set up the printer from unboxing to printing. We love the wireless function and the ability to print from our home computer, laptops and mobile devices. The print quality is exceptional (clear, smudge free and accurate color) but the fact that we have TWO YEARS in printer ink makes this truly a game changer. For all of its great abilities the printer is also quite streamlined and tucks away in a space where we keep all of our electronics. This is a review for the Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 03/29/2020 19:00:34
Perfect for home use
Pros The Epson ET-15000 printer is an easy to use printer which makes it perfect for families or home offices. It comes with enough ink to print thousands of pages. The ink tanks are large and easy to fill. You can add paper through three ways: front tray, rear paper feed or automatic feeder. You can print wirelessly, connected through cable and from your phone. It even has voice activating printing! Moreover, the print quality is amazing. Look at the photo attached of a photograph which I printed from my iPhone (via AirPrint). The printer also features a small colored screen which makes scanning, faxing and settings easy to work with. Cons The printer was easy to install however it did take around 1 hour. The printer has an average printing speed for double sided printing compared to other home printers but is slower compared than commercial printers. Also, the printer is big and a little bulky. This is a review for the Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 03/29/2020 16:28:53
Great printer with huge ink tanks
Unboxing was simple and the first thing I noticed was the size of the huge ink tanks. My old printer used cartridges and they were costly. Setup seemed pretty simple and the touch screen is a nice feature but a little small for big fingers. The added feature I never knew existed was the ability for the printer to have its own email address! I run a small internet business on the side and I mainly do business from my phone. The printers WiFi capability picked up my phones blu tooth and I was printing shipping labels with ease. It’s super fast and doesn't make a bunch of pre print noise or adjustments like others I have delay with. It just prints! The size is nice but I suggest being able to get to all of the feeders especially if your printing a large amount as I couldn’t fit as much paper in the bottom feeder as I could in the back. The print front back feature was a little confusing to figure out but once you get it right just leave it and it does it on its own. Color prints bright and crisp, just give the paper about 30-60 seconds to dry. The size of the tanks is ridiculous in a good way!! No one wants to spend a fortune on ink and the printer fills full with ink still left! It says it can print over 6K pages before refilling!! If that’s true you can easily get 10K pages out of a bottle (at least what I feel) the size of the ink storage should be your reason to buy, however it’s a great performing printer on top of that and has more features than I know what to do with! Highly recommend!! This is a review for the Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 03/29/2020 14:24:17
Great printer
I really am enjoying this new Epson EcoTank Printer. Setting it up was very easy. The liquid ink comes in 4 colors black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. There's a safety top on each color to prevent accidental spilling. It fits perfectly. I didn't like the fact that my printer doesn't have the color coding like how you see it on the website. Mine is just black. The start button is big and lighted. The touch screen is 2.7 inches which us big enough to see everything on the screen. I like that it can hold up to 250 sheets of paper. It can print double sided as well. The printer allows you print in different sheet sizes also. Setting the printer up for wifi printing proved to be a little difficult. It took about an hour to my computer to set up with the printer. I finally got it to print and the prints were perfect. One thing that's weird is, when the print comes out face up, it snatches it back then pushes it out face down, like its copying on both sides when it's not. I checked to make sure that I didnt have it copying on both sides. Last issue I have, my computer keeps saying that there is no paper in the printer when clearly there is, but it still prints anyway. It's a great printer and I'm enjoying printing and copying, I haven't faxed yet, but I will soon. “This is a review for the Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.”

Product Overview
Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch) color resolution
High resolution for producing incredible quality and detail in documents and photos.

Apple® AirPrint enabled
You can use it for Apple iPad® and iPhone® printing.

Perfect convenience
A set of replacement bottles includes enough ink to print up to 7,500 pages in black and up to 6,000 pages in color.

Wireless and mobile printing capability
Connect this printer to your home or office network with built-in Ethernet or wireless LAN. You can also print from your mobile device with the free Epson iPrint mobile App or Apple® AirPrint.

Be sure you have the right cartridge
Enter your printer's model number into Ink and Toner Finder to find compatible cartridges. Get started ›

Ideal for home or small business use
This inkjet printer offers excellent print quality for photos and documents and accepts a variety of paper types and sizes.

Prints up to 17 ISO ppm* in black and up to 9 ISO ppm* in color
Generates documents quickly.

USB port for simple connectivity
The high-speed USB port offers a standard connection to your PC or a simple way to plug in and print from a USB drive, camera, or any other device.

Large paper trays for your high-volume printing
Reload less often with a 250-sheet input cassette and 20-sheet rear feed.

2.7" color touch-screen display
Easily input commands for printing, copying, and scanning directly from the printer.

Tablet and smartphone printing
Epson Connect enables simple wireless printing from most smartphones, tablets and more.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, iPad and Apple AirPrint are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

* Print speeds vary with use. See manufacturer for the information on print speeds.

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Warranty Terms - Parts1 Year
Warranty Terms - Labor1 Year
Product Height588
Product Width1000
Product Weight21.4 pounds
Maximum Document Length47.24 inches
Photo PrintingYes
Number of Color Cartridges Included0
Printer ConnectivityApple AirPrint
Automatic Document FeederYes
Automatic Reduction/EnlargementYes
Mobile Device PrintingYes
ISO Color Print Speed9 pages per minute
Display ScreenYes
Maximum Number Of Copies99
Scanner ResolutionUp to 1200 x 2400
Maximum Document Width12.95 inches
Touch ScreenYes
Integrated FaxYes
Supported Paper SizesA6, Half letter, Letter, A4, Executive, Legal
Product NameEcoTank ET-15000 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer
Paper FeederCassette
Paper Handling250-sheet input cassette, 20-sheet rear feed
Product Width19.6 inches
Printer Resolution (Black)Up to 4800 x 1200
Automatic Document Feeder Capacity35 sheets
Display Screen Size2.7 inches
Scanner TypeFlatbed
Included SoftwareEpson printer driver, Epson Scan 2, PC-Fax, ScanSmart
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts1 Year
ENERGY STAR CertifiedYes
ISO Mono Print Speed17 pages per minute
Drop Size3.3 picoliters
Tray Capacity270
Printer TypeAll In One
Compatible Media TypesUltra Premium Photo Paper Glossy, Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster
Color CategoryWhite
Model NumberECOTANK ET 15000
Number of Ink Bottles/Tanks Included4
Compatible CartridgesEpson 502 Black ink bottle
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor1 Year
Number of Black Cartridges Included0
Number of Ink Bottles/Tanks Required4
Product Weight21.4 pounds
Automatic Two-Sided PrintingYes
Product Height9.6 inches
Printer Resolution (Color)Up to 4800 x 1200
Price History