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Posted by: from BestBuy on
5.0Nice sequel
Another slammer when it comes to Dolby atmos and 4K picture quality

Posted by: from BestBuy on 05/30/2020 07:44:04
Good movie
To me it's better than the original the shining movie

Posted by: from BestBuy on 05/23/2020 18:45:22
Great Movie!
Great follow up to a movie almost 40 years in the making. Highly recommend if you have 2.5 hours on your hands.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 05/23/2020 16:07:12
One of the better film adaptations of a King novel
The ever-beautiful Rebecca Ferguson and a favorite from the Fargo series, Zahn McClarnon team up to bring us some somewhat scary, but more so eerie/creepy moments in this adaptation of King's Doctor Sleep. For the most part, and with the help of Ewan McGregor who plays an alcoholic, grown-up version of The Shining's Danny Torrence, they pull it off. While Doctor Sleep is a rather drawn-out and, mostly, slowish-moving film, it still has enough to it, to not lose one's attention. The story-line is solid and engaging, although those unfamiliar with the book and looking for outright horror and gore, will find little satisfaction. There are a couple of scenes which can be construed as "horrific", but in my opinion, Doctor Sleep is not really a "horror flick" by definition. To me, it is more like an intense drama about good vs evil, with a couple of well-done 'end-of-life' scenes thrown in. :) What I most enjoyed about it, is that in this day and age where practically every story ever has already been made into a movie, this one's plot was just a bit off the beaten path and came across as slightly new and original in its approach, while still pretty seamlessly tying it in to the well-known classic: The Shining. If I had to add one con, it would be a somewhat minor one, in that, at times, the girl who plays Abra (Kyliegh Curran), who also possesses 'the shining', and who can communicate with Danny, delivers her lines in almost a stone-like manner, and at other times as if she is rapidly reading. It occurred one too many times, and I found that it took me out of the movie for just a bit. While good, the scenes leading up to the ending are a bit predictable, and the 'showdown' (remember, good vs. evil) leaves a little to be desired. For the most part, however, I can live with it, seeing as Rebecca Ferguson saves it by just being in it, and King and the creators do their best to come full circle. In short, like the entire film itself, it is satisfying-enough to where one can feel as if watching it, was time well spent.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 05/22/2020 19:39:27
Stephen King Fans Must Have
This is by far one of the best of stephen king's films some more it's the sequel from the shining, if you haven't watch the first one before be sure to watch it first then this so that you will understand the sequel more since is related a lot from the first one.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 05/22/2020 16:40:04
Excellent Movie
I purchased this movie for my husband's birthday. I am not a Stephen King movie fan because I can not handle horror movies; however, I caught myself watching this movie over my husband's shoulder. This is an excellent movie and is perfect for viewers who can not handle a lot of blood and gore. I highly recommend it and I have watched it multiple times by myself.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 05/22/2020 15:29:49
Loved the movie so I bought it ok
Love the movie so I bought it 4k. Now I need to read the book. 123456

Posted by: from BestBuy on 05/20/2020 21:51:12
Great director, great sequel.
This also comes with a digital copy of the director's cut, which is superior IMO. Worth every penny.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 05/20/2020 19:07:02
A great follow up to the Shinning
I never read the book, so this is just for the film. It was very entertaining, the cast did a great job and the look a likes for the original cast was great. Highly recommended.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 05/20/2020 07:41:02
Awesome graphics and sound is outstanding,
Awesome graphics and sound is outstanding, Highly recommended

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