miggo - Shooting Grip / Mini Tripod

< /br>Meet Miggo Splat Pro - the world's most versatile and flexible tripod which is suitable for large DSLRs and action cameras alike! Unleash your creativity, connect your DSLR to the splat pro tripod and discover a whole new range of possibilities to support your camera on almost any surface, flat, slanted or rocky, or even coiled safely around thin elements like branches, poles or fences. Connect splat pro to any action camera, open the tripod's legs to the required angle and enjoy a unique action pole that provides cool new shooting perspectives together with a secure and simple grip, even in extreme conditions.
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Model: MW SP-SLR BL 80 SKU: 6309903 UPC: 812112040771
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Product Overview
Compatible with most cameras and action cameras up to 5.3 lbs.
To prevent camera shake.

Metal and silicone construction
Provides durability.

Mini tripod
Offers a compact design so you can create a stable foundation wherever you go.

20" maximum extension height
Allows you to capture wide shots and different angles for fun photos and videos.

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Warranty Terms - Parts2 years
Warranty Terms - Labor2 years
Product Height1000
Product Width1000
Product Weight0.7 pounds
Product Weight0.7 pounds
Color CategoryBlue
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor2 years
Mount TypeOther
Model NumberMW SP-SLR BL 80
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts2 years
Product NameShooting Grip / Mini Tripod
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