Freewell - Circular Polarizer / Neutral Density Lens Filter (8-Count)

< /br>The DJI Mavic Air Filters Bright Day from Freewell are made by integrating the properties of ND filters and PL filters. The ND aspect of this hybrid filters works to slow down the shutter speed by cutting the amount of light hitting the camera sensor in a gradual manner. Whereas, the PL aspect of the hybrid filters helps to prevent unwanted reflections from windows, snow and water bodies from impairing the excellent quality of the footage being captured on sunlit days.
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Product Overview
Compatible with most lenses
When used with an appropriate-size adapter ring (sold separately).

Provides optimal image clarity.

Circular polarizer effect
Ideal for landscape photography, reduces glare and improves saturation.

Neutral density effect
Reduces the amount of light reaching the camera's sensor.

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Warranty Terms - PartsLifetime limited
Warranty Terms - LaborLifetime limited
Product Height500
Product Width500
Color CategoryClear
Manufacturer's Warranty - LaborLifetime limited
Filter Attachment TypeSnap on
Product NameCircular Polarizer / Neutral Density Lens Filter (8-Count)
Model NumberFW-MA-ALD
Lens CompatibilityDJI Mavic Air camera lens
Water ResistantNo
Brand CompatibilityDJI
Manufacturer's Warranty - PartsLifetime limited
Filter TypeCircular
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