SteelSeries - Arctis Pro + GameDAC Wired Virtual Surround Sound Gaming Headset for Mac, Windows and PlayStation 4 - Black

< /br>Experience high-quality audio with this Arctis Pro + GameDAC gaming headset system. An Arctis ClearCast microphone delivers background cancellation and voice clarity for use with multiplayer co-op games, while the ski goggle suspension headband allows for a comfortable fit. With premium Hi-Res speakers and a dedicated DAC and headphone amp, this Arctis Pro + GameDAC gaming headset system offers dynamic sound quality through your desktop or laptop.
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Posted by: from BestBuy on
5.0Superhuman headset
This thing is awesome, exceeded my expectations for sure

Posted by: from BestBuy on 06/20/2018 17:22:26
Good but gamedac did not mix properly
The gamedac did not mix properly with my PC. Many people on the steelseries forums seemed to have the same issue. Good headset and great quality if it works though.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 06/16/2018 20:18:34
Great sound and comfortable!!
Great sound, amazing details and bass! The setup on PC is easy. Plug the dac via usb and done. You may want to install the latest steelseries software and update the firmware. Beware though, it may crash in the middle of updating. Don't freak out, just close everything, reboot the pc and re do the update, it will pick up and do it faster. After that, they enabled the option to set gain to "high" giving the headset more volume (some people complained about the low volume). I was able to tweak the equalizer to my liking and now it sounds amazing with the DTS mode one! Play with the equalizer, it will make them better! One con, you cannot enable DTS surround if you enable Hi-res audio, its a limitation. I did try the hi-res mode and sounded amazing with some hi-res songs I got from a trial from tidal. You can try it and its amazing. Just hoping that frigging game developers start switching to Hi-res audio too. Well, they're barely starting to use HDR in video, so heres hope.... Tried it also on my PS4 and sounded great with the DTS on. Just too much clutter with the cables (they are long enough, about 6 or 7 feet) and all. I just settled using my sony platinums for the PS4 (these sound waaaaay better) and don't have the hiss that some people say the wireless $320 version has (didn't go for that one as doesn't have Hi-res).

Posted by: from BestBuy on 06/11/2018 21:13:02
Bought fot my brother for his birthday. Sound great and he loves them.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 06/06/2018 20:47:10
Great Pair of Headphones!
They sound amazing! Turning on Hi-Res Audio does make the microphone sound pretty bad for some reason.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/28/2018 03:05:52
Nothing short of amazing
Headset is amazing. Firmware update for additional volume gain. Sound is crisp and clear with solid, punchy bass. For a gaming headset, music sounds amazing. I knew going into that the wired version would bother me slightly, with the limited range and all -- and it does, but it has been tolerable; so far. I purchased 10' optical and micro USB cables online so my range was improved; however, the proprietary cable from the DAC to the cans is much too short (I think Steelseries sells an extension on their website). To sum it up....I was incredibly hesitant to spend this much on a headset, but now I'm spendinf even more to buy and try the wireless version, to determine if the wireless performs the same so it can replace my travel headphones. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/26/2018 08:54:05
This headset is worth your time.
My experience is with PS4 Pro console. I have only gamed on console(all playstations). My experience with headsets are mostly with Turtle Beach products (wireless, COD edition ones), Sony Gold, and most recently, TB elite 800. I play, COD, Smite, Fortnite. I enjoy the sound aspect of games, how it develops what you see and how you play. I am not an expert audio head, just really enjoy "total emersion" into my gaming. My first experience with SteelSeries product. The headset feels so clean and worth the price. Simple button control on the headset makes for less fumbling around, or hitting something on accident. It is a very comfortable headset. I have a medium head size, (7 3/8 hat size), and never felt squeezed or uncomfortable. Setup was very simple. PS4 recognized it, and simple instructions off the DAC walked me right through the process. Take your time and play with the DAC. See what it does and doesn't do. Do the firmware update. You paid for the headset, get it right. Wires are a little wild out of the DAC, so make sure you clean it up. Cable length from headset to the DAC is shorter than I would have hoped for. If it is designed for PC AND console, it should accommodate for the length at which most gamers play from. The DAC itself, is simple and easy to navigate. The sound is tricky. You really have to take your time. The mix chat, the EQ, the new DTS upgrade, takes time to tweek. But the result is worth it. It is loud, it captures all the little details, (especially in Fortnite), and I was very happy with the result. I don't have stats or specific detailed spreadsheets to explain this headset. Just been playing games for twenty years, and this headset brings everything! Hi Res audio feature? Why not! Spares me having to get ANOTHER headset to do the same thing. Will you use it much, doubt it. But you have it!! Overall, the headset feel matches the price. The headset quality matches the price. The sound will match the price, once you tune it to what personally works for you. Only reason it is not a 5 star rating, the cord from headset to DAC needs to be longer. I got wired headset for a change of pace. Lights on headset, guess its cool, if i look in a mirror! Hope to really really enjoy this headset.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/23/2018 21:14:30
Great headphones with fantastic sound!
Bought these to replace my Astro A50’s and was pleasantly surprised by the improved clarity and rich sound these produced, although the bass aspect didn’t seem as deep as my original headset. These come with a very customizable tuner to find the right sweet spot in your games and the lighting effects are stylish. After wearing these for more than a few hours, I can really appreciate the adjustable Velcro band, which provided just the right amount of comfort—and the ear muff material didn’t hurt my ears after long sessions. The cords are all long enough to comfortably sit about 5-8 feet away from your TV. Between this wired headset over its more expensive wireless counterpart, I’d recommend these for not having to worry about battery life in favor of an always wired connection that never loses any sound.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/22/2018 13:12:34
Top for gaming
Great for online gaming microphone and sound quality superior. Very important I can use WiFi or direct connect

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/02/2018 14:00:33
These are great there an few people say say these are not good they don't know what they are talking about i love these i use them on my pc and xbox one x

Product Overview
GameDAC – dedicated DAC and headphone amp for gaming

Gaming's first certified Hi-Res audio system with 96kHz/24-bit audio support

Audiophile-grade ESS Sabre DAC and amp

Industry-leading 40,000 Hz capable Hi-Res speaker drivers

Lightweight aluminum alloy and steel construction

ClearCast, the best microphone in gaming

Exclusive ski goggle headband

AirWeave performance-fabric ear cushions

DTS Headphone:X v2.0 surround sound

Prism RGB illumination

Compatible with PC or Mac and PlayStation 4

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Warranty Terms - Parts1 Year
Warranty Terms - Labor1 Year
Product Height500
Product Width398
Sound IsolatingYes
Color CategoryBlack
Built-In MicrophoneYes
Minimum Frequency Response10 hertz
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor1 Year
Sound ModeSimulated Surround
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts1 Year
Compatible Platform(s)Mac
Model Number61453
Headphone FitOver-the-Ear
Additional Accessories IncludedTransmitter
Connector Size1/8 in. (3.5mm)
Maximum Frequency Response40 kilohertz
Noise CancelingYes
Product NameArctis Pro + GameDAC Wired Virtual Surround Sound Gaming Headset for Mac, Windows and PlayStation 4
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