OtterBox - All-Terrain Wheels for Venture Coolers - Black

< /br>Take the heavy lifting out of cooler carrying with this OtterBox all-terrain wheels cart. Your Venture Cooler snaps in place, and the pivoting handle makes it easy to pull the cargo from an upright position. This OtterBox all-terrain wheels cart works on a variety of surfaces and adjusts to hold different size coolers.
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Posted by: from BestBuy on
5.0Nice accessory
They are solidly built and much bigger than I thought but definitely come in handy when the coolers full

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/17/2018 08:17:10
Requires two people to remove from wheels.
These wheels are great. Perfect to maneuver this cooler around on most terrain. The cooler clips into place, but the only real draw back (regardless of cooler size) is it requires two people to remove from base. Mine did not come with the wrench to assemble these, but luckily I had the necessary tools to adjust the wheels.

Product Overview
Fits Venture coolers
Including OtterBox Venture 45 and 65.

Versatile wheel system
Reinforced plastic wheel bushings roll smooth and don't rust. These all-terrain wheels are 3" wide and 10" in diameter.

Long handle
The steel, powder-coated handle provides easy rolling with two different handle configurations and makes even heavy coolers easy to maneuver.

Removable wheels
Ensure convenient storage.

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Product Height76
Product Width105
Product Weight13.05 pounds
Product Depth26.5 inches
Manufacturer's Warranty - PartsLifetime Limited
Product Height10.5 inches
Manufacturer's Warranty - LaborLifetime Limited
Color CategoryBlack
Product Length26.5 inches
Product Weight13.05 pounds
Product Width25 inches
Product NameAll-Terrain Wheels for Venture Coolers
Model Number77-51281
Product TypeWheels
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