OtterBox - All-Terrain Wheels for Venture Coolers - Black

< /br>Take the heavy lifting out of cooler carrying with this OtterBox all-terrain wheels cart. Your Venture Cooler snaps in place, and the pivoting handle makes it easy to pull the cargo from an upright position. This OtterBox all-terrain wheels cart works on a variety of surfaces and adjusts to hold different size coolers.
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Product Overview
Fits all Venture coolers
Including OtterBox Venture 45 and 65.

Versatile wheel system
Reinforced plastic wheel bushings roll smooth and don't rust. These all-terrain wheels are 3" wide and 10" in diameter.

Long handle
The steel, powder-coated handle provides easy rolling with two different handle configurations and makes even heavy coolers easy to maneuver.

Removable wheels
Ensure convenient storage.

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Product Height76
Product Width105
Product Weight13.05 pounds
Product Depth26.5 inches
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Manufacturer's Warranty - LaborLifetime Limited
Color CategoryBlack
Product NameAll-Terrain Wheels for Venture Coolers
Model Number77-51281
Product TypeWheels
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