FreedomPop - Basic Plan LTE 3-in-1 SIM Card Kit

< /br>Connect your unlocked GSM device from most carriers for prepaid nationwide LTE service with this FreedomPop SIM kit. Calling plans that start from zero dollars and include minutes, texts and data provide affordable service every month while remaining flexible to suit your changing mobile communications needs. This FreedomPop SIM kit includes nano, micro and mini SIM cards.
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Posted by: from BestBuy on
Do your home work if you end up using freedompop it can end up costing you a lot more money then a normal phone plan. Its only free if you make a huge commitment and watch every step you take on the app..?????????????

Posted by: from BestBuy on 11/09/2018 08:17:55
Is FREE truly worth it? Up to you...
At this so called FREE level get ready...first they'll charge $10.99 when you go to set it up....$.99 as activation fee, $10.00 as a credit which expires in 30 days whether you use it or not... 2ndly there's ZERO live support unless you pay for it, you have to use email which could take days or use Tweeter which takes hours, either way ZERO support on very careful when choosing your initial phone number on the web page I selected a 786 area code & the glitch in the system charged me $4.99 as they tell me that I changed it even though I never did. If you use the sim card on a phone & you select to be at home on WiFi & you use FreedomPop to make a call they deduct the minutes even though you are NOT using their network but using your WiFi at home or whichever free one you might be using. You will also notice that all this is possible because your are adding an app to your smartphone & assigning a cellphone carrier to your smartphone. So if what you are looking for is for a way to make calls over WiFi while at home there are plenty of TRULY FREE apps that allow you to have phone service. Some folks worry about 911 services remember that ALL cellphones or smartphones will allow you to make a 911 call. For the techie that wants to be turning off network data, cellular data to work around the so called FREE might be worth it

Posted by: from BestBuy on 11/07/2018 17:30:07
Constantly changing terms of use
I purchased this expecting to sign up for the free account and get the bonus data from Freedom Friends, but FreedomPop changed the terms of use immediately after I purchased this. No longer worth the trouble to sign up for an account (the data given per month isn't even enough for basic phone use).

Posted by: from BestBuy on 11/02/2018 11:17:59
Good but use with many fineprints
Need to pay $0.99 for activation fees, got charged $10 for top-up, after that, you should read website on certain things you need to do deactivate to get the most basic and free plan. By default, will be subscribed to a few paid services, so, just be careful with the fineprints. And you need to set your phone APN (it's quite easy) Overall good if you are really low data plan user (200MB)/month.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 10/26/2018 11:19:23
Good deal if very limited service and features
Obviously there aren’t going to be as copious features with a free plan. But it’s free, so not much to complain about.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 10/18/2018 23:51:45
requires activation fee
requires credit card with another 0.99 activation fee

Posted by: from BestBuy on 10/12/2018 01:01:47
Cheap and great
Have dual SIM phone with two of these. Use one phone for work and the other for social.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 10/05/2018 17:08:25
I love this network carrier
Is easy to use, low price, I love it :D you need to have freedom Pop messaging for to use this sim the plans are not expensive

Posted by: from BestBuy on 10/02/2018 17:30:57
The free plan works
Was able to activate the sim by paying $1 in the pop site,installed the app and was able to make and receive calls

Posted by: from BestBuy on 10/01/2018 14:51:57
easy enough but complications and limited coverage
the sim card had some unnecessary complications in setting it up on their network - apn setup, extra apps to download for calling and texting. also freedompop coverage isnt great

Product Overview
Compatible with most unlocked GSM Android or iOS smartphones
For use with your existing phone.

Keep in touch with friends and family
Enjoy 200 minutes, 500 texts and 200MB of LTE data per month.

Three-in-one design
Offers versatile use as a micro, nano or mini SIM card.

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Warranty Terms - Parts90 Days
Warranty Terms - Labor90 Days
Product Height1000
Product Width711
Carrier CompatibilityUnlocked
SIM Card SizeMicro SIM
Color CategoryMulti
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts90 Days
Product NameBasic Plan LTE 3-in-1 SIM Card Kit
Data IncludedYes
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor90 Days
Phone CompatibilityUnlocked GSM phones
Contract Or PrepaidPrepaid
Compatible With Locked PhonesNo
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