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< /br>When armed, the Ring Alarm Security Kit sends instant alerts to your phone and tablet whenever doors or windows open and when motion is detected at home. It lets you control your entire home security system with one simple app, and it's fully customizable to fit any house or apartment. With optional 24/7 professional monitoring for only $10 a month, whole-home security has never been this affordable.
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Posted by: from BestBuy on
4.0Great system so far with one small flaw
After contacting ring they said they are now aware of the issue I may have brought up. I wish there was a way that when it is sent to home if the door is opened there is a minimum 30 second delay. I think that is too long as someone can easily roam the house in 30 seconds before the alarm actually goes off. Other then that system seems to work great so far.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 07/25/2018 09:49:44
Pretty good system
This system is pretty good for the launch of the product. I would agree with Randy on some things need to be improved 1. I would also like the alerts to be sent to me regardless of my settings. 2. Also the sensors are really big compared to other systems I have used. Wish they would make them smaller. 3. Please get better adhesive tape for the sensors. The tape for the longer sensor is horrible and does not stay stuck. 4. Please add a remote control for the system. Kinda of a hassle to use the iPhone app to turn on/off the alarm

Posted by: from BestBuy on 07/24/2018 23:33:31
Don't want to be a beta tester for security system
I received this system as a gift 2 weeks ago and it worked for 2 weeks. We went on vacation and when we came home we could not disarm the alarm and the base station was making a cracking noise from the speaker. Got on the phone with support and they want to send me a new base station in maybe 3 days. So I have to go that long without any security for my house. That is unacceptable. I guess you get what you pay for in this case. I will be returning this unit and looking at something more reliable. Buyer beware. If you want a reliable alarm check out the others available. If you want something that "might work" well then maybe the Ring system is for you. Maybe in a couple years they will have this working. Customer support couldn't even get someone from the alarm division on the line to troubleshoot. What a joke.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 07/24/2018 09:32:38
Excellent DIY Alarm System
Switched from SimpliSafe and not looking back! Lower cost of professional monitoring, potential for future integration with Alexa and other z-wave products, use of internet with cellular backup. The only reasons I am not giving it 5 stars are: Bulky sensors, no Ring integration yet, No Amazon Alexa integration yet, limited 3rd party integration.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 07/24/2018 01:15:42
Good, BUT could easily be great.
Accidentally set off the alarm in the AM when walking to the kitchen due to no entry delay setting on the motion sensor. The work-around is to remove it from home mode. But isn't great in case burglar was able to bypass contact sensors. Would be more useful if it allowed an entry delay of 15 seconds on the motion sensor in home mode. So one can have a chance to disable alarm when the keypad is in the kitchen.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 07/20/2018 10:05:50
Great for 1 major flaw
The system is very easy to install and works as promised and the subscription rate is very low (10 per month). The system does currently have 1 major flaw. When one sets the alarm for "home" it's impossible to set NO ENTRY DELAY - meaning if someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night they can be in your house for 30 seconds before the alarm goes off. 30 seconds is a very long time. I've spoken to Ring about this but their position is this helps eliminate false alarms. Maybe, but it gives access to you for 30 seconds before anything happens. This is not smart and could be deadly. If someone from the outside opens a window or door in my house I want to hear it now, not when the intruder is already inside my bedroom. Until Ring fixes this I would stay away from purchasing.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 07/18/2018 09:56:04
Great now, will be better
This thing is so new it is hard to get accurate information. I will update this review but wanted to get the initial items out there ASAP. I pre-ordered this from Ring directly. 1. Adding “non-ring” sensors. So even though the systems supports Zigbee (according to the box) as of right now I could not find a way to add them, the only choice when you select “Manual Add” is Z-Wave. Not a big deal for me as I have Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW120 Door/Window sensors which are Z-wave. I was able to add it no problem and the base station chimes when contact is broken but you cannot set off the alarm using this device! With the alarm armed you can open this door all day long and it will not trip the alarm. This makes me a sad panda as that means I need to spend ~$80 to cover my other entrance doors. It also shows a strange icon next to it, see attached picture. 2. Setup/reset. So I messed up when setting up my base station, I did not add in my address (there is a skip option) and when I tried to add it later I stopped the provisioning because I thought I was making a mistake. Well then my base said it was offline and pushing the pair button would not work so I looked up how to factory reset. Clear instruction exist for every device EXCCEPT the base station. It says “To reset the base, contact customer support.” I called support and after waiting for 30 minutes to speak to someone (with not audible placement in line information) I hung up. I am sure they are busy given the launch of this system. Well it has a paperclip size reset button hole so I tried holding that down until the lights changed (~10 seconds) but still received the “You cannot add this base station because it belongs to someone else.” So I tried again and held for about 30 seconds until the lights mad a noticeable second change. After tit came back up it was ready. 3. Equipment quality. Everything feels really well made. The sensors are unnecessarily large. When you open them you see all sorts of free space that could have been reduced to make them smaller (both door/window and motion sensors). I will continue to update this review as I go along and as Ring enables more features.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 07/18/2018 08:33:58
Easy Setup, Best price out there
Went from paying $40.00 a month with Comcast home security to buying this system and 4 sensors. Even with the $100.00 ring 24/7 monitoring and the cost of what I paid for the system ($280.00) still end up saving money the first year and even more after. Cheapest home security system out there, for $10/ a month of $100.00 for the year and incorporates my ring doorbell and any cameras I could potentially add outside was a no brainer. Easy to setup and works great. Wish the volume was a little louder and hopefully with updates you can customize sounds. But this is a great system for the price and works perfect.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 07/17/2018 11:36:58
Excellent system
I installed my system with 6 sensors and a motion detector in less than an hour and I used screws to mount all door contacts and tape on windows. It is a simple install and the app guides you all the way. Works as advertised and I couldn't be happier. This is a quality system and worth more than they charge for it. The $100 a year monitoring cost (which includes your cameras and door bell recordings) is a bargain. Pairing them was seamless. Have had numerous alarms in many homes and this ones beats them all. Just an FYI for those that use the two sided adhesive tape. Clean the area you are mounting them on with alcohol first and it will help eliminate them coming off. Learned that the hard way on an ADT system I had "professionally" installed. Great idea on delaying the monitoring until you get use to using the system. False alarms that are reported and responded to cost $100 each time in our area.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 07/09/2018 10:09:44
Cannot Beat the Price!
Love this system. You cannot beat the price for what you get. No contracts and only costs 10/month. If you already have ring products, this product integrates perfectly within their app. Installation took less then an hour. No issues with any sensors. I bought add-on contact sensors and connected without any problems. the 199.00 price tag beats nests hands down. Yes, nest has more features but if you are looking for an simple alarm system that you can add onto, this is perfect

Product Overview
The Total Package
Your Ring Alarm Security Kit includes one Base Station, Keypad, Motion Detector, Contact Sensor and Range Extender.

Your Home in Your Hands
Get whole-home security for any apartment or house and monitor your property from your phone and tablet.

Instant Mobile Alerts
Get alerts on your phone and tablet when doors or windows open and when motion is detected at home.

Smart Security in One Simple App
Control your Alarm system and all your Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras from the free Ring App.

Easy Installation
No professional installation required. You don;t even need any tools. Ring Alarm easily installs on any home in minutes.

Fits Any Home
Alarm is fully customizable and expands to fit any house or apartment.

Never Lose Power
With 24-hour backup battery power, Ring Alarm has you covered even when the power goes out at home.

Affordable Professional Monitoring
Get optional 24/7 professional monitoring with cellular backup, unlimited video recording for all Ring Doorbells and Cameras at your home.

As well as extended warranties, exclusive discounts and more for only $10 a month with Ring Protect Plus.

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Warranty Terms - Parts1 Year
Warranty Terms - Labor1 Year
Product Height674
Product Width1000
Release Date:07/03/2018
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts1 Year
Operating System CompatibilityAndroid
Power SourceBattery-powered
Battery BackupYes
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor1 Year
Color CategoryWhite
Network ConnectivityBluetooth
Remote Monitoring CapabilitiesYes
Indoor Or Outdoor UseIndoor
Detector TypeContact
Audio Alert/SirenYes
Number Of Sensors Included2
Product NameAlarm Home Security Kit
Model Number4K11S7-0EN0
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