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< /br>When armed, the Ring Alarm Security Kit sends instant alerts to your phone and tablet whenever doors or windows open and when motion is detected at home. It lets you control your entire home security system with one simple app, and it's fully customizable to fit any house or apartment. With optional 24/7 professional monitoring for only $10 a month, whole-home security has never been this affordable.
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Posted by: from BestBuy on
5.0Easy to install and use, read my review for info
Quick thoughts: I really like this alarm and find it to function very well. Previously I had the Nest Secure and find the Ring alarm to be a more complete package. The Ring alarm is easy to install and you don’t have to pay for monitoring unless you want to. The alarm will still function without monitoring and will alert you via the Ring app if it goes off. The expandability of the Ring alarm is a major plus and the cost for extra sensors is quite reasonable. I would highly recommend this alarm to anyone not sure of what to get. I find to be the best value and backed by a large company (Amazon now owns Ring). The alarm components don’t come in a fancy box or physically “feel” as premium as the Nest did. However, you don’t unbox and feel the alarm but once to install it. The functionality is what’s important and the Ring feels of high quality in use. Now the full review: Install: First, download the Ring application to your phone and create a Ring account. From there you’ll be walked through each step as you install the base station, keypad, and sensors. Base station install: You can use Wifi or a wired connection to your router. The base station can be placed on a flat surface like a table to counter if you want. The more secure method though is to mount it to a wall. I have mine hidden behind a display cabinet to delay it being found. The alarm is built into the base station and is quite loud. Serves as a great deterrent and given the location of my base station it cannot be easily disabled when sounding. You’d have to move a several hundred pound piece of furniture. Sensor install: The app will give guidance on how to mount the sensors and verify they are installed properly before moving forward. You don’t need to be super tech savvy to install and use this alarm. All needed hardware is included to install the sensors. I used the included sticky tape and it worked quite well. If your not confident in the sticky tape provided you can buy stronger tape at the hardware store and just cut it to size. You can use the provided screws to mount the sensors as well if you prefer a super stable mounting platform. The sensors include tamper sensors too so if the sensor is at any point opened it will alert you via the Ring app. Programming the alarm: Arming: The alarm is easy to program via the Ring application on your phone. Within the app you can change the alarm pin code and make temporary ones to give out if a visitor is coming and your not home. The pin is what you use to arm and disarm the alarm via the included keypad. The keypad is rechargeable to you don’t have to plug it in except to recharge it. Within the Ring app you can see the battery level of the keypad so you know when to charge it. You can leave it plugged into an outlet if you want to, it uses micro usb to charge and include the charging cable in the box. I charge my keypad once every two months and use it daily. You can also use the Ring app to arm and disarm the alarm. I prefer the app to disarm so the alarm is off as I pull into my garage. Delay function: You can set the delay time for when you leave and when you arrive home. It can be between 0 seconds and 180 seconds. The away delay is set independent of the arrival delay. For example you can set the delay to arm the alarm when you set it to 120 seconds so you have time to leave and lock up prior to the alarm setting. You can then adjust the arrival delay to 0 seconds if you want so that the alarm goes off instantly when a sensor is set off. I really like this function as I don’t want the alarm to delay going off if I am sleeping. It also helps deter a would-be intruder if they hear an alarm as soon as they try to make entry into a home. The 0 second delay for setting the alarm off is only available if you choose self monitoring though. So if you pay for Ring monitoring (you don’t have to, all functions work without it) then you must include a delay before the alarm with go off. Siren sound: This seems to be updated with firmware updates to the base station. I just updated mine and the siren sound now has two tones and is incredibly loud. It is a sound that I would choose for an alarm if I could. The alarm siren cannot be modified or changed by the user. Chime: You can set each door or window sensor to chime when they are opened and the alarm is off. You can choose between 5 or so chimes and each sensor can be programmed on its own. So you can have a different chime for the front and back door and the windows. You can also set it so only certain sensors chime. The motion sensors cannot be set to chime. Sensitivity: Each motion sensor has adjustable sensitivity if you need to adjust it after install. This is done within the Ring app. The door and window sensors are not adjustable and don’t need to be as they don’t sense motion. Sensor batteries: Each sensor runs on a battery that is included with the sensors. I have had mine installed for over 3 months and the battery level is still showing full. I am confident I won’t change the batteries for at least a year, probably a lot longer. You check the battery level within the Ring app. The keypad is rechargeable and the charge on it lasts about 2 months for me. I use it daily. Monitoring: You can pay for monitoring if you choose to. Unlike some other alarms you don’t lose any alarm functionality by self-monitoring though. The only difference is if your alarm goes off you won’t get a phone call from the alarm company telling you it is sounding and you’ll have to call the police yourself if they are needed. You’ll have to decide if that is important to you. If you chose to pay for monitoring it is easy to set up within the Ring app on your phone. What happens when the alarm goes off: The siren on the base station will sound when the alarm is triggered by a sensor. You will receive a notification on your phone from the Ring app that your alarm is sounding and it will identify which sensor set it off. You can disarm the alarm within the Ring app or with the keypad. If you don’t have internet service to receive the notification within the Ring app then you won’t know it is sounding until you get service back. You can also choose to receive an email when the alarm goes off. If you pay for monitoring then the monitoring service will call you when the alarm sounds. This may be of benefit if you frequent areas that don’t have internet service for your phone. What’s the siren sound like: It’s loud and sounds exactly how you want an alarm siren to sound. There seems to be two tones that work simultaneously and cause a disorienting sensation when you’re near the base station. Certainly a great deterrent as there’s no guessing there’s an alarm going off. Is it easy to use: Yes, very. How does it compare to the Nest Secure: The Ring alarm is a much better value and offers more expandability than the Nest does. I would recommend the Nest for small space like an apartment or similarly sized area. Even so, I still prefer the Ring as it does the same things for quite a bit less money. The Nest feels more premium, but as I stated earlier, you don’t feel your alarm. You use it. If you have a lot of other Nest products then it might be worth the extra cost for the Nest Secure. It will integrate well with your Nest cams and shows an image from the camera closest to the sensor that set off your alarm if you have Nest cams and the Nest Secure. So that is one benefit. I have 5 Nest cams and still chose the Ring alarm over the Nest though. It just makes more sense for me. I can look at my cameras if the alarm goes off. I also find the Ring base to be more securely mounted (and hidden) versus the Nest Secure base. The Nest base if designed to be set on a table or desk and not mounted to a wall. I didn’t like that. Do I recommend the Ring Alarm: Absolutely. I researched every alarm available that I could install myself and settled on this one. It has full functionality without having to pay for monitoring (some other brands limit what you can do unless you pay for monitoring) and just plain works without issue. In over 3 months there hasn’t been a single false alarm or issue. The Ring brand is heavily invested in this product and they are a very stable company. If given the opportunity to select any alarm for free, I would still choose the Ring Alarm. It is just that good.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 10/14/2018 12:59:11
Nice system and great customer service.
Would give it like 4.25 stars if I could. Using it a few days and it's really good. I did have trouble with the motion sensor setup. I set that up a few days later and I noticed it wasn't recording the motion events. I also remembering seeing the QC code of the motion sensor as not activated as soon as the first day even though I had yet to pull the battery tab. I'm not sure how the base unit knew the number. Anyway, I had to call customer service and they reset it and then it worked fine. They didn't even know how the QC code could show if the battery tab wasn't pulled or the QC code scanned. I would recommend you set up the base unit first then add the sensors by going to device setup to add the sensors then scan the QC code of the device and then pull the battery tab. The instructions say let the base station find them but that didn't work as well as adding the sensors separately. Also, little thing but I do find the keypad annoying since they failed to put some sort of bumper or pad on the bottom of the unit that prevents it from sliding across the table. You need to kinda hold the unit steady when entering the codes. This of course is not a problem if you are mounting it to a wall. Otherwise I am happy with the unit and will add more sensors in the near future.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 10/10/2018 06:47:15
Great alarm system for the price.
Great alarm system for the price.... and for only $10 dollars.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 10/05/2018 11:58:11
Simple and Affordable
Love the system, easy to setup, amazing price, and works perfect.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 09/30/2018 07:16:24
Painful app, painful setup, works once it's setup
I purchased the starter kit and 10 additional sensors. Setting up the components in the starter kit was a breeze. Then came the sensor nightmare. I setup the second sensor just as easily as the startup kit. The next 7 sensors took 30 mins each to get going. The 8th I cannot get installed. I read somewhere that if you're installing multiples to give it time to do so because the system cannot handle the requests by the other sensors. This is very accurate. If you buy a kit and extra sensors I would say to install the base kit then wait 30 mins to an hr to do a sensor. Then after that sensor wait 10 mins. Then what you need to do is pray. Pray the app doesn't act up during the process. Pray pairing works correctly. I've had to hard reset every sensor I purchased thus far and run the "manual" installation. I cant get this 8th sensor to pair at all. This isn't rocket science. My level of expertise is to where I can build one of these myself. I design, build and install large enterprise networks for a living. There is a problem with the app and a problem with the handshake between the devices. The sensors I do have installed thus far and the base unit are working great so I am hopeful I will keep this once the rest are installed. Ring should pay me for the time I've wasted on this. Also I waited an hr on the phone for their support before I hung up the phone.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 09/28/2018 22:05:05
Initially not that great but
After getting support to reset the unit, setup was easy and fast. This works surprisingly well and I hope Ring continues to improve their software to add more features.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 09/22/2018 11:19:44
Good home security system for the price
Purchased this because of a recommendation from a friend. I am not mad at it for the price. System is easy to use and set up. App works seamlessly with the product and real time notifications are great. Ring even helps you get set up as many parts of ABQ require a permit to use the system. Easy and simple and they take care of all of it for you.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 09/22/2018 11:17:42
Great alarm system
This alarm system was very simple to install for a beginner and with the added bonus of being able to add as many devices as you would like with a reasonable monthly payment.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 09/14/2018 04:21:18
Solid, budget system with easy installation
I'm a current FrontPoint owner. We moved out of our house and buyer wanted the FrontPoint system, so I needed a new system in my new house. Did lots of online research. Came down to SImpliSafe and Ring. The monitoring fee sold me. Ring has the lowest monitoring fees. It was very easy to set up. The base system only comes with one contact sensor, so I bought an additional 4 boxes which have 2 per box. So, the upfront cost is similar to the other systems. I haven't installed my doorbell camera yet - that's coming but Ring has a long history with doorbell cameras so I expect only good results. I can arm/disarm from my phone and from the keypad. I'm still learning the system, but so far I'm happy. I give it 4 stars because it doesn't have the customizations like FrontPoint did, with setting some sensors to monitor only (not trip alarm) and it only comes with one contact sensor in the system. I'll be especially glad when I see $30 back on my budget each month that I'm saving on monitoring fees.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 09/02/2018 14:43:10
Great system-One Major Flaw
Just picked this up the other day and it's been pretty good for us so far. The only issue that I have found is with the motion detection feature. It seems like a software issue that I hope they implement an update for. The issue is as follows: Once the motion detector detects motion, it goes into a "motion detected" state. Then in about three minutes, it checks to see if there's any motion and if not, it clears the fault. The issue with this is if you walk past the sensor and it senses you, and then you arm the system and leave, the motion sensor is still in the "motion detected" when the alarm actually is armed. Therefore the alarm goes off. This really hinders being able to arm the system as you leave the house. Please fix this issue!!!

Product Overview
The Total Package
Your Ring Alarm Security Kit includes one Base Station, Keypad, Motion Detector, Contact Sensor and Range Extender.

Your Home in Your Hands
Get whole-home security for any apartment or house and monitor your property from your phone and tablet.

Instant Mobile Alerts
Get alerts on your phone and tablet when doors or windows open and when motion is detected at home.

Smart Security in One Simple App
Control your Alarm system and all your Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras from the free Ring App.

Easy Installation
No professional installation required. You don;t even need any tools. Ring Alarm easily installs on any home in minutes.

Fits Any Home
Alarm is fully customizable and expands to fit any house or apartment.

Never Lose Power
With 24-hour backup battery power, Ring Alarm has you covered even when the power goes out at home.

Affordable Professional Monitoring
Get optional 24/7 professional monitoring with cellular backup, unlimited video recording for all Ring Doorbells and Cameras at your home.

As well as extended warranties, exclusive discounts and more for only $10 a month with Ring Protect Plus.

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Battery BackupYes
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor1 Year
Color CategoryWhite
Network ConnectivityBluetooth
Remote Monitoring CapabilitiesYes
Indoor Or Outdoor UseIndoor
Detector TypeContact
Product NameAlarm Home Security Kit
Model Number4K11S7-0EN0
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