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Posted by: from BestBuy on
5.0Quick and efficient service!
Needed a new printer for home office and was able to have all my questions answered quickly. Product was delivered to my door within days.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/06/2020 08:36:25
Our home consultation was great! Would definitely recommend to others.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/05/2020 19:10:06
My advisor provided several options to consider.
My consultant provided several option to consider based on solutions already owned and that could easily be integrated ie Boss Lifestyle system.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/04/2020 19:13:29
out door surveillance cameras
we had a long talk about placement and what type of DVR i would need he was very kind and knowledgeable about best buy products

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/04/2020 18:21:14
Suggestions were OK but the delivery was Horrible
Suggestions were OK but the delivery was an absolute nightmare They came to my house under a total renovation and said they could supply me with all the appliances in addition to the surround system and 65 inch TV. When in fact I had to call the store in Another state to place the order for a range six weeks later we are waiting for delivery and they notified me they could not make this sale I lost money on a free appliance promotion and had to start the process with a different company and wait another six weeks. The other appliances showed in stock and I had a delivery date set up and was notified two days prior that they could not make that date. Everyone at Best Buy blamed it on someone else Pacific sales blame it on the in-home consultant the in-home consult and blamed it on the store the store blamed it on the distribution center it was an absolute joke and a run around. I would’ve been better just going into the store and purchasing and never using the in-home consultant, I feel that the middleman was the problem. They’re not really associated with a store so you never know where to complain. The only part that had anything to do with the coronavirus was the in-home installation which set back all tech support. Additionally most of my products are not being removed from the box so I don’t damage but it looks like the return deadline is well before I will get anything installed from the tech-support that I paid for.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/04/2020 17:11:04
Home theatre working well
It was well designed and installed well, we love it

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/04/2020 15:53:03
My advisor was great
Advisor was perfect...but I'm very unhappy about the installers who said I needed to charge my batteries, & they would come back the next day. They never showed up!! I had explained I needed the security system right away. Well now due to the pandemic it is still not installed. I couldnt be any more displeased.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/04/2020 13:35:58
Appreciate the suggestions we were given.
We were looking at a new TV and a sound bar and wanted advice since we have an open concept living room with cathedral ceilings. Gave us that information plus when we were concerned about glare on the TV from our living room light, he suggested the HUE light bulbs that we could control by our phones. (and Alexa if you have one). Have purchased the sound bar which we like. Waiting on the TV at the moment. We bought the light bulbs he suggested and were thrilled. We though we were going to have to contact an electrician to wire our living room light with a dimmer switch.

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/04/2020 13:19:58
The consultation was good.
I also did a in home consultation with ADT. Best Buy was better hands down. Beginning with me setting up the appointment in the store, to the consultant coming to my home. The communications after that leaves something to be desired. It kind of falls off after that. We then got invaded by covid-19. I hope everyone makes it through!

Posted by: from BestBuy on 04/04/2020 11:38:49
we didn't get our services
we didn't get our services promised. everyone else was able to deliver and set up but you. you touched our stuff and talk to us face to face .I dont see why you couldn't delivered. dont make sense to me.

Product Overview
An Expert you can trust

Work closely with a knowledgeable, background-checked Best Buy Advisor.

No project is too big or small. Access deep product knowledge and great ideas.

We know how to use tech to build the right solution, indoors and outdoors.

How your In-Home Consultation works

We come to your home and listen to your needs.

We build a solution with the right tech for your home.

We help with delivery and installation, and make sure it all works.

Together we’ll bring out the best in your home.

TV & Home Theater –
Design an ideal entertainment space. Check out the latest and greatest in TVs, hi-fi audio and much more.

Get ready for plug-and-play quality time with family and friends. Cut the cord on cable and satellite.

Enjoy customized, high-tech sights and sounds. Send music and stream video throughout your home.

Smart Home –
Get in on the technology that pulls it all together. Upgrade your Wi-Fi to streamline connectivity.

Focus on convenience and safety with smart security cameras, locks, garage doors and more.

Transform your living areas with smart devices, interactive lighting and voice-driven efficiency.

Appliances –
Discover the latest tech innovations for your kitchen, living areas, laundry, climate control and more.

Maximize your quality and quantity time with the efficiency, comfort and power you need.

Find your favorite styles, features and finishes. Measure your spaces to get the right-sized appliances.

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